Acura RDX (2018)

Acura RDX (2018) handleiding

  • California Proposition 65 Warning
    Event Data Recorders
    This vehicle is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR).
    The main purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash or near
    crash-like situations, such as an air bag deployment or hitting a
    road obstacle, data that will assist in understanding how a vehicle’s
    systems performed. The EDR is designed to record data related
    to vehicle dynamics and safety systems for a short period of
    time, typically 30 seconds or less. The EDR in this vehicle is
    designed to record such data as:
    How various systems in your vehicle were operating;
    Whether or not the driver and passenger safety belts were
    How far (if at all) the driver was depressing the accelerator
    and/or brake pedal; and,
    How fast the vehicle was traveling.
    These data can help provide a better understanding of the
    circumstances in which crashes and injuries occur. NOTE: EDR data
    are recorded by your vehicle only if a non-trivial crash situation
    occurs; no data are recorded by the EDR under normal driving
    conditions and no personal data (e.g., name, gender, age, and
    crash location) are recorded. However, other parties, such as law
    enforcement, could combine the EDR data with the type of
    personally identifying data routinely acquired during a crash
    WARNING: This product contains or emits
    chemicals known to the state of California to cause
    cancer and birth defects or other reproductive
    To read data recorded by an EDR, special equipment is required,
    and access to the vehicle or the EDR is needed. In addition to the
    vehicle manufacturer, other parties, such as law enforcement, that
    have the special equipment, can read the information if they have
    access to the vehicle or the EDR.
    The data belongs to the vehicle owner and may not be accessed by
    anyone else except as legally required or with the permission of the
    vehicle owner.
    Service Diagnostic Recorders
    This vehicle is equipped with service-related devices that record
    information about powertrain performance. The data can be used
    to verify emissions law requirements and/or help technicians
    diagnose and solve service problems. It may also be combined with
    data from other sources for research purposes, but it remains
    confidential. Some diagnostic and maintenance information is
    uploaded to Acura upon vehicle start up.
    California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act
    The airbags, seat belt tensioners, and CR type batteries in this
    vehicle may contain perchlorate materials - special handling may
    apply. See
    As you read this manual, you will find information that is preceded
    by a symbol. This information is intended to help you avoid
    damage to your vehicle, other property, or the environment.
    00X31-TX4-650 2018 Acura RDX Owner's Manual
Acura RDX (2018)

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Merk Acura
Model RDX (2018)
Product Auto
Taal Engels
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